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H2NO Dry shampoo

H2NO Dry shampoo without sulfates and parabens.Instantly refresh your hair without washing and bring it back to life.

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H2NO Dry shampoo

H2NO Dry shampoo without sulfates and parabens.
In daily activities, hair can sweat easily, become greasy and lose volume.
Instantly refresh your hair without washing and bring it back to life with H2NO Dry Shampoo, a formula designed to keep hair always clean and fresh.

H2NO Dry shampoo is a type of powder that absorbs your natural hair sebum (which causes your hair to become oily). Let it soak in for a while and then shake, comb or blow-dry the powder with the absorbed oil from your hair.
The result is significantly less greasy hair. The dry shampoo makes your hair fresher and gives volume and texture. Gentle cleansing without irritating the scalp (the scalp does not dry out).
H2NO Dry shampoo provides extra texture in your hair, making styling your hair a lot easier. In addition, your hair stays in shape for an extra long time.
Do not use H2NO dry shampoo as a complete replacement for your normal shampoo! Dry shampoo is actually an emergency solution if you don't have time to wash your hair, you don't have to wash and blow dry.

Cleanses and refreshes immediately
Gives your hair a healthy look
Control fat and moisture
Extra volume and body


Shake the bottle well before use.
1. Divide hair into sections and spray H2NO Dry shampoo evenly from a distance of approximately 12 inches from root to tip.
2. Massage the hair with fingertips so that the product blends well with your hair.
3. Leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes, brush away the leftovers and style with a brush or comb and blow dryer.

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